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Meet Fluff!

 Fluff is a new dog we just rescued and we need your help to get her healthy again. This sweet girl has severe hip and joint injuries that leave her in constant, excruciating pain.

 Poor Fluff was abandoned by her owners to die in a rural kill-shelter after being hit by a car. Her owners never sought any medical treatment for her and, after letting her suffer for several weeks, abandoned her to die alone in a shelter apart from the family she loved.

 Mutt Love Rescue saved this young girl, who will require expensive surgery due to the extent of her injuries. Please help us pay for Fluff’s treatment so that she can live a happy, normal life. Every donation will make a difference for her care.



“Bark Point Studio artist, Morgan Spicer, has created this adorable drawing of Mutt Love Rescue dogs. The 16” x 12” unframed photo print is available to purchase for $35.00 (shipping included).  Proceeds will benefit our dogs!  Please be sure to include your shipping address when you submit your payment.”









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